The FIFA World Cup 2010: THREE unbelievable shows that were seen by the world!

The FIFA World Cup 2010: THREE unbelievable shows that were seen by the world!

Nick Mitri (owner of Fireworks for Africa) and his team worked tirelessly to ensure that all THREE shows went off without a hitch. You, and everyone else lucky enough to witness this event, will remember the breathtaking lights and colours for decades to come! This team has proved their expertise and dedication once again.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing…

4500 1-shots and 260 gerbs were fired during the 60 sequences of the 1 min 48 secs of the closing display.

“The roof of Soccer City is made of plastic and it took a lot of convincing to obtain permission to fire at this venue. We received permission only a week before the show and only as a result of our experience in the field and the products that we use. I think the fact that we handled the 58 shows for last year’s IPL helped to persuade the organizers!” said Nick.

Fireworks for Africa created these displays that were seen by millions around the globe:

  1. The FIFA World Cup 2010 Kick-off Concert
  2. The FIFA World Cup 2010 Opening Ceremony
  3. The FIFA World Cup 2010 Closing Ceremony

Said Mitri, “The task was daunting but I know my guys and I knew that we could handle it. The FIFA World Cup gave us a brilliant opportunity to showcase what we can actually do. It’s tricky to tell people how phenomenal pyrotechnics can be; they really have to see them for themselves. We’re just grateful that we were given such a momentous platform on which to work.”

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