An African first at L’International des Feux Loto-Québec

An African first at L’International des Feux Loto-Québec

Fireworks for Africa delighted Montrealers on 8 July 2006 with its very first performance at the L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec, with a show entitled ‘Out of Africa’ / ‘Terres d’Afrique’.

Our South African team did us proud as they brought together the best pyrotechnicians on the African continent to tell the story of the Rainbow Nation with spectacular light and sound. Nick Mitri, the company’s CEO and artistic designer, was very excited to present a show in Montreal’s international fireworks competition, which is considered to be the most prestigious fireworks event in the world today. South Africa was the 23rd country to be represented and Fireworks for Africa was the 62nd company to compete in Montreal.

Since he entered the world of pyrotechnics in 1996, Nick has dreamed of participating in Montreal – “The Big One”, as it is referred to in fireworks circles.

The show, which features pyrotechnic pieces ranging from gentle and calm to very dynamic, played out against typical African songs as well as more classical cinema music, such as “This Land,” from The Lion King. Special effects and fireworks such as Catherine wheels and flying saucers were used to phenomenal effect in the show.

The primary goal of the display was to create a show with as many colours and effects as possible. “It’s a major challenge to adjust the typically African musical selections to the fireworks due to the particular rhythm of this type of music,” said Nick.

Clearly, however, Fireworks for Africa have carried off the challenge very successfully in the past and the team’s performances have been described as both highly artistic and highly technical.

Reviews for this outstanding theatrical event include:

“This display was nearly flawless with plenty of action and incredible synchronization only leading to impeccable sequencing between different paces in this show… The colors were fantastic and, personally, had the best richness so far in this year’s competition… This was truly an artistic and original display.”

“The South African entrant has produced an excellent display, the best show this year in my opinion…”

“The pace was fantastic since the serene moments were perfectly connected to the fast tempo segments… The finale was seriously a thing of beauty.”

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