The Big Boss

Nick Mitri (AKA Gunpowder – the MAIN man in charge!) started FFA way back in 1996. With no start up capital, no clue how to run a business, and practically zero knowledge of fireworks, it’s a small miracle he didn’t blow himself up. But Fireworks for Africa (and Nick, thankfully) are still here and still firing! He loves making things go bang, travelling (48 countries and counting), and his gorgeous family. His two kiddies (Kahlan and Blaine) are both budding pyrotechnicians and known for keeping dad on his toes! Nick recently relocated his family to Brisbane, Australia, where he also heads up Foti Fireworks, Queensland.


The Other Big Boss

Hayley (better known as ‘Goose’, or ‘Yes ma’am!’) is Nick’s better half and has been with FFA since it started. She runs the accounts and loves working from home (newly relocated to Brisbane, Australia!). Although she had dreams of being a fashion designer when she grew up, her job has some fantastic perks. Her favourites are being home for the kids after school, and travelling with Nick and the boys to some gorgeous destinations! Hayley’s well-known for her sense of humour, and on weekends you can often find her enjoying an Italian feast with family and friends.


The Little Boss

Dominick Vermaak (Dead-Eye-Donny to his friends) has been with FFA for 7 years. Dom is a Business Director and he heads up the Johannesburg branch of the business. His incredible talent and passion lies in designing world-class pyromusical displays. In his free time you can find Dom relaxing around a fire or on the golf course.


The Other Little Boss

Blair Travis Yeatman – ST (Supertrav) for short – has been with FFA since 2009. As a Business Director he sees a lot of pyro and special FX action, He loves playing with fire and is really grateful to be part of such an awesome team of people. Travis heads up the Cape Town branch of the business and in his off time you will find him on the beach or up a mountain.


Head Technician

Kavin Carl Bunting (Kavs – if you actually want him to answer you) has been with FFA for 6 years. He traded his childhood dream of being a policeman, for working as a pyrotechnician and seeing the world, and has never regretted it for a single minute. He’s the ultimate beer connoisseur (a title he takes seriously) preferring always to pair it with his favourite pap and steak!

Mr G


Gladwin Soutter (Mr G to his friends) has been with FFA since 2018 but has been working with fireworks for 23 years! He loves offal but hates peanut butter (go figure?!) and loves the challenge and creativity of his job. He braais with family and friends on weekends, and is reliable, loyal, and a passionate beer connoisseur. He has 5 kids (FIVE!!) and hates corpses. (No one has been brave enough to ask exactly why he hates corpses yet…)


Office Administrator

Natlee Van Rooyen (Nats) has been with FFA since January 2018. She’s our trusty Office Administrator, a grown up job for someone who never wants to grow up! She loves cake and working with people who blow stuff up (i.e. she has the best job ever)! On weekends, she paints and sews stuff, and is an honest but crazy pet-lady. She has three gorgeous kids, far too many crystals, and does NOT like rude people!


Pyrotechnician / Operations

Nicolas van Rooyen – AKA Van – has been with FFA for two and a half years now, he helps with daily operations and is a very passionate pyrotechnician. The only thing he loves more than fireworks is a plate of food or a cute little puppy. In his free time, you’ll find Van doing something sporty or relaxing with his family and friends.


Storeroom Manager

Jimmy – the Jimster – has spent 10 happy years with FFA. He’s a honest, hard working man who loves his job. His dream always was to be a good man and happy person, and he’s found that and more in the FFA family. On weekends you can find him relaxing with friends, watching TV and sharing a meal.

Some of our displays from around the world

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